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How to start staking
0Connect a wallet
1Get Some CRISP-M

Secure your CRISP-M tokens on Uniswap Polygon. Use our provided link for automatic output token detail fill-out. For a manual approach, paste the token address into the token search box.

Ensure the Polygon logo Polygon network is selected.


2Deposit them into Gamma liquidity pool
This allows people to make more efficient trades, empowering carbon projects to scale their operations
3Unlock staking by submitting KYC
Before opting into rewards, we need a couple of details. No personally identifiable information is stored on-chain and we respect your privacy as described in our Privacy Policy
4Stake your LP position to get rewards
By staking, you non-custodially opt-in to all ecosystem incentives provided by the protocol and join the mission of providing liquidity to quality climate action

Stake LP Tokens

Deposits on our Liquidity Pools mint special LP tokens, that you can stake here and earn rewards. If you don’t have any LP tokens yet, click on ‘Get LP Token’ and become a Liquidity Provider on Gamma protocol.